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Vocal Process Granuloma Add Video

This video depicts a swelling involving the cartilage end of left vocal fold (X), the so-called vocal process granuloma. It is a benign condition (non-cancerous) resulted from over-adduction of vocal cords during voice abuse/overused, violent acts of coughings, uncontrolled reflux laryngitis or complicating endotracheal intubation. Microsurgical removal would be performed if it is significantly large to cause symptoms (voice change, laryngeal irritations. or airway obstruction) or when optimal medical treatment failed to shrink it within an acceptable stipulated time of healing. (1 - true vocal fold, 2 - false vocal fold, PC - posterior commissure mucosa)

Posted by Rahmat Omar on February 13, 2016 at 7:52 PM 2186 Views

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