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Q1: What is "silent" coughs?


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Q2: What is vocal massage and it's significance?


Q3: What is stuttering?


Q4: What is puperphonia?


Q5: What is vocal resonant therapy?


Q6: What does laryngeal crepitus means?


This is a graty/crackling sensation whenever the laryngeal cartilage is gently pressed and moves sideway against the cervical spine.  Normally, it is present in healthy individuals.  However, its absence may indicate pathological states such as hypopharyngeal carcinoma, retropharyngeal tumour etc. which needs further evaluations.

Q7: How can I have better voice after laser surgery performed for early laryngeal cancer?


Early laryngeal cancer has good outcome after radiation or laser surgery.  The degree hoarseness depends on how much tumour with safe margins removed.  Conservative management would be attempted first as well as by practicing good vocal hygiene.  Regular follow-up would ensure monitoring of local response and the patient general well being.  Provided no tumour presence, corrective procedure can be undertaken to improve to voice.  You can discuss with the surgeon on the options available.

Q8: I felt choking and uncomfortable upon swallowing since few weeks ago. However, no fever or flu symptoms present.  What would be the reason?


Potentially causes contributing to these symptoms include stress, lingual tonsils (collections of lymphoid tissue at the back of tongue), cyst, reflux, cervical spondylosis, and even tumours.  Significant difficulty in swallowing can impair fluid and nutritional intake leading to loss or weight, anaemia, dehydration, and weakness.  Thorough history and ENT assessment would be able to make out obvious surface lesion like redness and swelling over the arytenoid and posterior larynx in reflux laryngitis, ulcer or tumorous lesions.  Further investigations would need to be carried out as justified by the consulting ENT surgeon.

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