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Medical Advice & Information Related To Your Voice Problems

Voice Care Tips

1. Drink enough water: 6-8 glasses/day is recommended

2. Minimize intake of caffeinated or alcoholic drinks.  It has diuretic effect by promoting urination.  

3. Dehydration causes lack of mucosal lubrications and increases risks of injury.

4. Quit smoking or avoid exposure to passive smoking.  Laryngeal cancers, chronic laryngitis, and Reinke’s oedema are more commonly seen amongst smokers.

5. Avoid eating sour or spicy foods.  It helps in reducing risk of reflux laryngitis which is an acid inflammation in the voice box.

6. Avoid overuse or misuse your voice.  These include screaming, prolonged talking without breaks, talking in noisy surroundings, and hard throat clearing.

7. Rest the voice during acute laryngitis which is an transient inflammation of the voice box during viral flu.

8. Consider using microphone or portable personal loud speaker.  It is very helpful for teachers with history of voice overuse when vocal engagement is unavoidable.

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